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The Empire

Humanity has spread throughout space, its ancient homeworld a shadowy, almost-forgotten legend. And everywhere, on more than a thousand worlds spread across the edge of the galaxy, mankind lives in oppression, crushed under the heel of the empire. Everywhere, save the Far Stars.

From the imperial capital of Optimus Prime, the emperor and the imperial nobility rule over hundreds of billions of men and women, punishing the slightest resistance with brutal force. Freedom and liberty are forgotten legends, myths spoken of only in whispers, in the darkest shadows.

Terror maintains the emperor's power. Any world that rebels is bombarded by his great battleships and occupied by the feared imperial legions. Throughout the empire, dozens of worlds lie in smoking ruins, their people living in the charred remains of their homes...symbols of the fate that awaits any who oppose or even question their master's rule.

Optimus Prime
The imperial capital on Optimus Prime is a showcase of architecture and the greatest display of raw wealth and power in the galaxy. The planet planet itself is one vast city, surrounding the immense palace where the emperor resides...and rules over the hundreds of billions of the empire. And in space above the great world, its four moons are massive military bases, housing fifty legions of imperial shock troops...and the shipyards that produce the dreaded imperial battleships that enforce the emperor's rule.
The Imperials
The empire employs millions of soldiers, spacers, spies, and bureaucrats to keep the vast enterprise running and under control. And in the Far Stars, a new and ambitious team of imperial minions is determined to crush the rebellious sector...and bring the last free humans in the galaxy under the empire's iron boot.
Governor Kergen Vos   General Mak Wilhelm
Kergen Vos is a survivor of a brutal imperial attack on a rebellious planet. Orphaned and left to make his own way in the rubble of his once prosperous home, Vos resolved he would never again allow himself to be helpless. He pursued the only path to power that was open to a penniless man with no name or connections...Imperial Intelligence. Now he has come to the Far Stars, to attempt what none of his successors has managed to accomplish. To crush the worlds of the Far Stars, and bring them under the emperor's rule for the first time in a thousand years.   General Mak Wilhelm is a military hero of the empire as well as a highly-ranked operative of imperial intelligence. His combined knowledge of combat tactics and espionage make him one of the the most valuable of Governor Vos' subordinates. Wilhelm is a moderate and methodical operative, far less extreme and ego-driven than many of the other imperials. Nevertheless, he is determined and stubborn, and he has shown more than once that he will do whatever it takes to complete his objectives.
Draco Tragonis   Sebastien Alois de Villeroi
Lord Tragonis is another operative for Imperial Intelligence, and a longtime ally of Governor Vos. A vain and arrogant man, he is nevertheless highly capable and extremely dangerous to his enemies. Tragonis places great stock in imperial titles, and he has collected patents of nobility from worlds across the galaxy, an affectation that has caused his introductions at formal events to be extremely longwinded affairs. He is as close to a friend as Governor Vos will allow himself, but both men understand their relationship is based on mutual gain and success...and each knows the other   One of Vos' senior operatives, Villeroi is the illegitimate child from an incestuous relationship between an imperial viscount and his underaged cousin. Raised in considerable comfort, he nevertheless faced a life of seclusion, with no hope to succeed to his father's offices and estates. He chose to seek his own fortune as an operative for Imperial Intelligence, where his controversial lineage would be no bar to his advancement. Perhaps even more importantly, it provided an outlet for his unbridled sadism. In an empire employing brutality as a routine tool of governance, Villeroi stood out as a man who truly, deeply enjoying inflicting pain and misery on his victims.
The Imperial Battleships
The empire employs a vast war machine to keep a thousand worlds under its iron boot. But none are as fearsome, as utterly terrifying to any who resist imperial rule, than the massive battleships that form the core of the fleet. Kilometers long, bristling with weapons, each of the Glory-class behemoths takes twenty years to build in the great imperial shipyards orbiting the capital world of Optimus Prime. The monstrous vessels, each carrying a full legion of shock troops, were designed to cause terror wherever they went...and to display the might of the empire to all who might consider opposing the will of their imperial master.
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